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Prospect Theatre company

"Who wow’d us was the incredible Mia Pinero, who not only brought a wonderful voice to the stage, but could act and clearly had the “it” factor. I expect big things for this talented youngster."

Times Square Chronicles, Suzanna Bowling


Playmakers Repertory Company

"PlayMakers newcomer, Mia Pinero, delivers an exemplary performance as Eliza Doolittle. She finds perfect balance between the knife-wielding street kid and duchess, while maintaining perfect comedic timing and a flawless soprano performance that nearly parallels Dame Julie’s."

-Triangle Arts & EntertainmentDustin K. Britt



"Mia Pinero performed splendidly in her PlayMakers debut, her voice alone bringing her character to life and fully evoking the sympathy Eliza Doolittle should receive. She also took on the role so deeply that the simplest twitch of her smile spoke volumes for her character."

- Triangle Arts & Entertainment, Lamarr Fowlkes 



"Part of the “power” of this production lies in careful direction by Rafaeli, who never misses a chance to allow Eliza’s character, in all its richness and boldness, to shine through and take over the stage.

The other part is owed largely to the strength and ferocity Mia Pinero lends to her role as the title character."

- Triangle Arts & Entertainment, Susie Potter 



"Mia Pinero skillfully projects Eliza’s street-wise feistiness, coloring all her reactions.

Pinero has good comedic instincts and forcefully characterizes 'Show Me' and 'Without You.'"

-The News Observer, Roy C. Dicks




"Mia Pinero as Eliza is suitably volatile, if occasionally over-petulant, and has an impressive voice, with a wide range–of octaves, of tone, of emotion, of volume. Her rendition of “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly,” along with the ensemble, is particularly fine, and I say that as a person raised on the Julie Andrews version from the original Broadway cast album. Pinero imbues the song with such depth of longing for the simplest comforts that one may want to give away all one’s luxuries to the deserving poor."

- The Five Points StarKate Ariail


Guthrie Theater

"Maria" sounds alluring and dreamy, a Streisand-esque singer and affecting actor."

The Star Tribune, Rohan Preston



Pinero’s Maria has a clear, sweet soprano voice and an inner effervescence that propels her through the evening. The fizz only occasionally breaks to the surface, and when it does, it’s contagious … in the giddy “I Feel Pretty,” or when she keens at her doomed lover’s side at the end of the play.

Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Dominic E. Papatola



Debuting actors and romantic leads, Marc Koeck (Tony) and Mia Pinero (Maria) discover a warm chemistry in their star crossed young love reminiscent of Romeo and his Juliet. Pinero especially radiates the excitement and innocence of a teenager discovering her new home, America's New York, for the first time and the giddy feeling of love through her glorious voice., Peggy Sue Dunigan



Mia Pinero performs Maria’s sweetness with a driving current — limited by rules and her new life in America

Minnesota Daily, Maddy Folstein



"Mia Pinero projects a confident intelligence as Maria."

City Pages, Jay Gabler


Weston Playhouse

"Mia Pinero was up to the task of portraying Laurey, who initially is coy about her true feelings for

Curley and in the spirit of couples since time began, plays hard to get.  Pinero’s soprano delivered particularly in the numbers with the other women: “Many a New Day” and “Out of My Dreams.”

-Manchester JournalKevin M. O'Toole



"Mia Pinero played Laurey as a savvy modern young woman, but with teenage tendencies when it comes to Curly. Pinero also sang with a brilliance and depth that revealed Laurey’s inner side."

- Rutland Herald, Jim Lowe


Ivoryton playhouse

"Pinero’s Maria absolutely carries this production. She is that rare performer whose voice appears effortlessly glorious: with her, we enter the purest of musical worlds in which singing is simply an extension of speech. In addition, I cannot apply the word “acting” to this Maria, although Pinero deserves the greatest respect for her technique. Her every moment is fully lived so that Maria’s progress from innocent girl to ardent lover — joyous and confident—and then to a woman filled with fury, provides the heart of this production, and breaks our hearts... Mia Pinero is not to be missed. She is, in every way, “stunning and entrancing.” Watch what she does next."

- The ShoreLine TimesBrooks Appelbaum


"As Maria, Pinero makes that hair-trigger romance feel almost plausible. She has a stunning operatic soprano, yet feels like a flesh-and-blood teenager who is flirty and naïve but innately wise to the tumultuous world around her."

- Onstage Blog, Noah Golden



"As for the performances, anyone with eyes and ears would have to lead off with Mia Pinero playing Maria. She is luminous from start to finish and her dulcet voice enraptures. Whether commenting on how she looks (“I Feel Pretty”) or forcing Anita to remember what it is like to be in love (“A Boy Like That” – “I Have a Love”), Pinero shines, and the final moments of the musical, which demand that she confront all of those who are responsible for the tragedy, are dramatically satisfying."

" Whenever Pinero is on stage you can’t help but, well, melt. It’s easy to see why Tony is smitten."

- Conneticut Critics Circle, Geary Danihy

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